A wedding at The Asylum, London

With this not being the first time I’d created an Asylum Chapel Wedding Video, I was excited to be going back. It’s got this magical dusty light which comes through superbly on video, setting a somewhat ethereal vibe. When Flo enquired, i was a little hesitant about saying ‘yes’ before chatting to my wife first. The isn’t standard protocol, no, it was because Flo & Tom were getting married on the due date of our third child. My wife Emily didn’t hesitate to say ‘oh yes film their wedding’ which i thought was because she knows how much my work means to me, and there is only a 5% chance of even going into labour on your due date, but actually she didn’t hesitate to say yes because apparently i make a rubbish birthing partner. I digress. Tom & Flo were having a VERY last-minute wedding, enquiring just a month or so before the big day, this was because Flo’s father was really unwell, and they brought the wedding forward in a hope that he’d be able to attend the wedding. Although Flo’s father is no longer with us, I’m so pleased that he was able to join us on the day and is forever immortalised in their joyous video.

The day itself was magical. It was a crisp blue January day, and Flo & Tom tied the knot at The Asylum in Peckham, then we all went on to celebrate at Brunswick House, a quirky antique-filled Georgian mansion in the centre of London, complete with wine cellar come basement party. Check out their Asylum Chapel Wedding Video by clicking the video thumbnail on the left 🙂 If you’re considering celebrating your wedding at either venue, then do get in touch.

“We’ll be recommending you to the world and his dog! Thank you so much for our beautiful film, we adore it!”

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