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Hi, I’m Barney, I grew up in Cornwall where I still spend several months of each year for weddings, as well as visiting family and friends. You will also find me on the road, (in the air would be more specific) between London, the South West and Malaga in Spain where I live for the remainder of the year. I frequently travel between the UK and Spain. (twice a week at times). Totalling some 80 flights in 2017 alone. Yes, I’m also a travel, airline and miles geek!

Whilst my family tell me I should probably sit still a little more, I am endlessly looking for an adventure and a reason to step inside an airport. I am incredibly fortunate that I am able to explore whilst combing my love of photography, weddings and new places. When not doing something wedding related, I am likely to be found in a coffee shop, skiing , exploring Cornwall or Spain with my better-half Poppy, or scheming up new ideas for business or travel. On a wedding day, I love absorbing all the social connections that unfold, there are so many stories to be told within one event. As your ‘photographer’, or ‘guest with a camera’, I will be constantly looking around to maximise every last minute of those social interactions.


  • Coverage of the morning preparations right through to the evening party – Up to 12 hours! 
  • Averaging 500 photographs
  • All images are high res for you to print , share, make albums as you like.
  • A feature length wedding film plus a 5 minutes highlights clip.
  • All southern England travel/accommodation is included in the price.

* Enjoy a £300 reduction if you’re not getting married on a Saturday, or if your wedding is between November-March.