meet andy


Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi my name is Andy. I have always loved telling stories with my pictures and films. I started off working 20 years ago in press work – I was a photo journalist – I was 18. I was lucky to travel all over the world and the UK working on stories and meeting people that I still remember and think about to this day.  I have always been driven by the story of people and the capture of moments that go beyond the obvious. My camera has always been my passport to me being involved in peoples lives I don’t know and places I have never been. I love journeys, to live creatively,  bear witness to life in places and moments with people that will ultimately define who they are, who they are going to be on the most important of days.

Today I photograph and film weddings and I live in Devon with my beautiful and amazing wife Charley. I still get to travel loads and still tell stories of people I don’t know and places I have never been before which I am very thankful for. It is an amazing opportunity to spend time, sometimes one day, sometimes more, with people on their most important of all days. 

After having my own photography company Harrera Images its been an amazing opportunity to join Ben as a film maker at Foster Filming. Its such a great opportunity and has allowed me to meet some lovely and amazing people and tell their stories for them. I am really looking forward 

How did you learn your craft?

I developed my wedding film making through shooting wedding photographs for 8 years and learning about weddings and people  and making ski films in the 2001-2005. I have also carried the ideas i have about light and space and shooting things with my own view in photographs and video.  I love weddings and love the extra step you have to make when making a film compared to photographs. To choose a narrative and tell the story. I love the medium of moving image and sound.

Why weddings?

Wedding films are different to still photographs. I feel that photographs become part of the day to day memories that you see but a film transports you back in time every now and then when you watch it. A wedding film is more of an heirloom piece something to document a part of our lives to look back on. The saying is “a picture tells a thousand words” but a few seconds of film is something not even pictures can tell. How a couple look at each other or how a child runs, its something that is so familiar to us but I’m possible to capture in any other way apart from film. Wedding days are a stage or a theatre where an incredible story is there to be told. I love the narrative and the job that i have been given to be important enough to tell that story:)its an amazing opportunity and one that I strive to exceed expectation and fully commit to on your day. 

What do you do when the wedding season is over?

For a couple of month over the winter its great to work on personal projects, travel with my wife – normally to warmer places but sometimes to colder ones. The same as Ben i love the mountains , i skied for 5 winters straight in the french alps so love to go back sometimes. I love new creative ideas and as i am writing this we are looking for a new place to live so who knows but i am hoping to learn some new skills in the interior and landscaping of a new house for us which will be great and a brand new challenge. 

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