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Travelling down to Devon in the South West of England, near where Laura and Jon would soon make their new home in Cornwall, this extremely lovely couple invited us to document their day of celebrations at the fabulous Dartington Hall Estate. With a sunny outdoor civil ceremony, and using the grand hall next to Dartington Gardens for their evening reception, just in time for when a few drops of proper English weather started to fall from the sky. The mixture of backdrops that Dartington Hall in Devon provides, both inside and out, makes a pleasant difference to hotel weddings in London – exactly what we think Laura & Jon wanted to achieve bringing their family and friends from all over the UK, including London, Surrey and nearby Cornwall. 🙂

Above you will find Laura & Jon’s wedding highlights video as documented by Ben, and below you find a selection of some of our favourite photos of their wedding celebrations, as documented by Barney. Their full gallery of pictures exceeds some 600 images. The 80 we have included here highlight some of our fondest moments from throughout the day we spent with Laura & Jon in Devon. And, in addition to the video above, Laura & Jon also received their ceremony and speeches recorded in full – over an additional hour of footage!

Thanks must go to Jodie at Darlington Hall for making the day run so smoothly and for constantly be of help to us, and the couple, in achieving a natural flow to the day. One of the best co-ordiantors either of us have seen at a wedding in recent months!

Laura & Jon were looking to achieve a fun, chilled and joyful day with all their friends and family visiting a part of the UK which means a great deal to them both. It was pleasure to be able to see that ambition come to life and be given the permission to witness and document that for them on our two mediums – photo and film. 🙂

Enjoy – Barney & Ben

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